Vision & Mission

Our Philosophy:


“All children have the right to access a comprehensive and personally rewarding, quality education. All school communities have an obligation to ensure that each child receives the educational, emotional, physical and social experiences necessary to experience success. Strong relationships are the key to successful learning’.


Our School Promise:


“I promise to achieve my best at all times.  I will be responsible for everything I do, and respect myself, my teachers and all others, as a proud student of Yarra Junction Primary School.”


Our Values:

High Expectations

Ensure that our school community’s words and actions reflect high standards of personal and academic achievement and that student goals are extending all of their capabilities.


Show enthusiasm and encouragement for ‘Green Brain’ learning, where enjoyment, friendliness and ‘smiles’ are seen as important for emotional and social growth.


Caring for and having high regard for self and all others. Listening to beliefs and opinions without judgement and accepting diversity.


The quality to ‘bounce back’ after trying and never giving up. Finding different ways to seek solutions.


Be accountable for your own actions. We care about good behaviour and the positive contributions that we make to society.


Pursue high expectations to achieve goals, feel proud and improve to be our best.


Helping each other and working cooperatively towards a common goal. Together, we will all get along.