Principal’s Piece

Principal’s Piece


We have had a wonderful and busy start to term 3.



This term we have welcomed new faces to our YJPS team. Mrs Mansfield has commenced work as our school’s new business manager. Mrs Mansfield will be working Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays and is looking forward to getting to know our families.

Mrs Perry has joined the 5/6 team and replaces Mrs Mason who is on long service leave. Mrs Perry is well known to our school community and has made a great start in 5/6M.


Grade 3/4 Camp

The grade 3/4 students enjoyed a wonderful three days in Sovereign Hill last week. What a great way to start the term. I am looking forward to hearing about their adventures. Many thanks to Mrs Rankin, Mr Reeve, Miss Burge, Miss Malan, Ms Grant and Mr Eadon who all made this wonderful experience possible for the students.


Building Works

It was exciting to return to school this term and see the wonderful progress made to our building pro-gram. The new classroom block has had all framework completed. It was particularly exciting to stand inside the new classrooms even though they are only in the frame stage. Roofing, plumbing for the new toilets and electrical work is almost complete. We are hopeful this building will be available to us early in term 4.

Meanwhile, in the refurbished administration block, all internal walls, electrical and bathrooms have been completed, the external walls of the administration building have been painted and the construc-tion of the new front entrance has commenced. Construction of the new staffroom has begun, with framework due to be completed soon.


Reports – Student Progression

Following the publishing of the mid-year reports, it was wonderful to see so many parents and students engaging in the three way conferences. These conferences were a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and share students’ achievements. The students were also able to set goals for the rest of the year.

With the introduction of the new Victorian Curriculum a number of changes in the reporting system have come through. Our new reports have provided parents with more detail on their child’s achieve-ments. One change though, to the reporting system, is the way that the A, B, C grading is calculated. The Victorian Curriculum aims to show students’ progress on a continuum of learning. Under the pre-vious reporting system a student achieving twelve months ahead of the expected level received an "A" grading. A student achieving this result under the Victorian Curriculum receives a "B" grading. This grading is equivalent to the old "A" grading. Students obtaining eighteen months ahead of the ex-pected level will receive an "A" grading. I wish to point out that our teaching approaches and tracking of students has not altered. We continue to ensure that students are progressing against the Victorian Curriculum and the standards. Parents are encouraged to look at the growth in their child’s learning from the previous year.


Snow Play and Mt Buller Ski/snowboard Days

This week made bookings for our two annual excursions to the snow. The snow play day held at Lake Mountain has places for 80 students. Each student receives a toboggan, a jacket, pants and gate entry to Lake Mountain.


The Mt Buller Ski/snowboard Day is for students in grades 3-6, there are only 20 places available. Both these events can now be booked on Compass.


Prep Transition

Last Thursday we again welcomed kindergarten students to our school, for our third transition session. It is wonderful to see the confidence in the students as they spend time at YJPS.


Bunnings BBQ

 A big Thank You to all the families who helped with the Bunnings BBQ last Sunday. It was great to see so many parents coming together to help raise funds for our school. With the support and donations from a number of families and local businesses the school raised nearly $900. On Compass this week I thanked all of those who supported this effort and in particular Julie Ormsby and Lisa Archer, from School Council, for their coordination and organisation of this event.


First Aid in Schools Program

On Monday all of our students participated in a wonderfully important program. The St John’s First Aid in Schools Program informs students on how to respond in emergency situations. Each year level of stu-dents is presented with basic information on first aid procedures. We often hear on the news how young children have been able to dial 000 or help a sibling or parent in need.


Book Fair

Next week we will be sending out information on our annual Book Fair. The Book Fair will be held in the library. Parents and students will be able to browse and purchase books before and after school. The Book Fair will run in the last week of August and the first week of September.


Woolworths Earn and Learn stickers

Our school is registered and is now collecting stickers for the Earn and Learn program. If you are shop-ping at Woolworths please remember to collect your stickers and send them to the office. Every sticker helps our school to gain new equipment for our school.

Wishing everyone a great week.


Laurie Martin